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Vanessa Kirkland
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Revenue Growth Engine
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Darrell Amy Joins the Forbes Business Council

Darrell Amy, author of the new book Revenue Growth Engine, scheduled for release on June 16, is now a member of the Forbes Business Council. In this role, he will be contributing articles and advice to the Forbes website on topics related to revenue growth business strategy, sales, and marketing.

Darrell believes businesses that successfully adjust their marketing and sales strategies will be positioned to win from the recovery. Businesses that do not may struggle.

“This is a critical time for businesses as we drive to recover and grow out of the challenges from the COVID crisis,” remarks Darrell. “Businesses need to accelerate growth and the work they do now in that direction will ultimately create a bright future.”

In today’s uncertain business environment, executives are looking for new ways to accelerate revenue growth to recover from decreases in revenue and to capitalize on the recovery. The framework in Revenue Growth Engine provides a model for businesses to drive exponential revenue growth by driving net-new business and cross-selling more to current clients, all with a focus on ideal clients.

Darrell’s diverse experience in both both sales and marketing gives him a unique perspective on growth. In sales, he has worked with hundreds of sales teams and trained over 1,000 sales people. In marketing, he has owned a digital marketing agency for 17 years. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to family owned businesses and startups.

“I’m excited to be a part of the Forbes Business Council during this critical moment in business.”

About Darrell Amy

Darrell Amy helps companies develop growth strategies. He is the author of a new book which releases on June 16, 2020: Revenue Growth Engine, How To Align Marketing and Sales to Accelerate Growth. In addition to being a contributor in the Forbes Business Council, he regularly speaks at business conferences. He hosts theRevenue Growth Podcast on theC-Suite Radio Network. This new weekly show features innovative ideas from marketing and sales thought leaders. He is also the co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast, a Chartable Top 200 business podcast helping sales professionals succeed.