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How Your Mindset Affects Revenue Growth

blog revenue growth Feb 14, 2022

In The Upside of Stress, Dr. Kelly McGonigal showcases research on the power of mindset to affect outcomes. Those with a negative mindset toward stress experience much different results than those with a positive mindset toward stress. It turns out that mindset towards stress affects happiness, effectiveness, and even personal longevity. 

What we think about things matters. When it comes to stress, surprising research shows that it's not stress that is killing people, it’s the “combination of stress and belief that stress is harmful.” In essence, stress can be good or bad depending on what you believe about stress.

What if we took this same line of thought about mindset and applied it to growing revenue? What if what we believe about marketing and sales affects our results.

What if what we believe about marketing and sales affects our results?

How does mindset affect revenue growth? Here are some thoughts.

The Economy Is Terrible vs. Opportunity Is...

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The Top Question For Business Leaders: What Business Are We In?

revenue growth Sep 09, 2020

Harvard Business School professor and the father of modern marketing, Theodore Levitt, asks a powerful question that every business leader, sales representative and marketing manager must answer: What business are you in?

The answer to this question will determine the future of your company. At this critical moment when the needs of your customers are changing, this question needs to be answered correctly.

The reality is that what you sell and what people buy are different. As I say in my book Revenue Growth Engine, "Buyers don't buy products, they buy the outcomes the products deliver."

Theodore Levitt would famously walk into his marketing class holding up an electric drill bit. He would tell the class that no one has ever purchased a drill bit, but what they bought was the hole. Some take it a step further and say that they aren't buying the hole, they are buying the ability to hang a picture on the wall so they can look good to their friends. Others takes it even further,...

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What We Can Learn From T-Mobile About How To Keep Customers and Grow Revenue Following an Acquisition

revenue growth strategy Sep 01, 2020

The reason to buy a company is to take what you purchased and grow it. Unfortunately, what often happens is that companies let the customers of the companies they acquired slowly get picked off by the competition. Instead of growing the new base of customers, the new base dwindles away.

You can buy a business but you cannot acquire customers. Keeping customers requires trust. After an acquisition, that trust must be built.

When we buy something big, we all experience buyer’s remorse. It’s that moment of time where we are nervous that we made a bad decision. (You may have some buyer’s remorse on the company you bought!) At that moment, the sale is very vulnerable to cancelation.

The same thing happens to customers after an acquisition. The customers of the acquired company get acquisition remorse. They are nervous. The customers of the company you acquired are vulnerable.

Sprint has provided my cellular service for over 10 years. Recently, T-Mobile acquired Sprint....

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The Two Most Important Revenue Metrics Every Company Should Track

revenue growth Aug 04, 2020

Every company wants to grow. At the end of the month, end of the quarter, and end of the year, we all look at our top-line revenue. How much did we grow? 

What we need to be looking at is one level deeper. These are the the two drivers of revenue growth. Unfortunately, many companies do not look at these simple numbers.

What are the two two revenue metrics?

They come from the two sources of revenue. If you boil it all down, there are only two ways to grow revenue:

  1. Net-New: You get more clients
  2. Cross-Sell: You sell more to your current clients 

That’s it. The problem is that most companies tend to be good at one or the other. Some are good at landing new deals. Others are good at developing client relationships. Rarely do you find a company that has the processes in place to do both well.

Here’s why that’s important. If you can show modest growth in net-new business and cross-sell business, you can experience exponential revenue growth. (Download the...

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