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The Number One Way Marketing Can Help Sales Win

Let me cut to the chase: the number one way marketing can help sales win is by interviewing clients and creating insightful case studies. 

In Elite Sales Strategies, Anthony Iannarino coaches reps on how to achieve the one-up position by bringing insights into the sales conversation that add value.

I am a firm believer that buyers don’t buy your products and services, they buy the outcomes your products and services enable. (In Revenue Growth Engine we take a deep dive into outcomes and how to create an outcomes inventory. Read more about How To Market and Sell What Your Buyers Are Actually Buying.)

How do you determine what outcomes buyers value? You ask.

Salespeople should be continually talking with their clients. Iannorino explains, “Every interaction with a stakeholder provides you with an opportunity to be tutored by experts in a specific industry.”

Marketing should also be talking regularly with clients. This can be done in the form...

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How To Make Revenue Growth Predictable In Uncertain Times (Part 2)

darrell amy Mar 23, 2022

Over the past few years, business leaders have become familiar with uncertainty. In the midst of pandemic pivots, supply-chain shifts, and hiring hassles, one thing has remained constant: the need for revenue.

Revenue is the lifeblood of business. We have proven our ability to solve all kinds of problems, but revenue problems are a massive change. Some of the biggest problems happen when uncertainty leads to unpredictable revenue. Thus, it is important to take smart actions to ensure revenue growth remains predictable, especially in uncertain times.

This is the second in a series of three articles offering strategies to make revenue growth predictable. Previously we explored the importance of Focusing Your Message. In this article, we will unpack the second strategy: aligning marketing, sales, and operations around your Client Experience.

(In this article, I will use the words client and customer interchangeably. Some industries have customers while others have clients. Personally,...

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How To Make Revenue Growth Predictable In Uncertain Times (Part 1)

darrell amy Mar 21, 2022

Creating steady revenue growth can feel impossible during uncertain times. The headwinds of hiring challenges, price increases, and supply chain issues seem to threaten growth goals. While you can’t change the circumstances, you can be proactive in setting your company up for success, even in uncertain times. 

Over the next three articles, you’ll discover three ways you can make revenue growth predictable in uncertain times. These aren’t magic bullets. Instead, they are three ways to develop consistency and effectiveness by optimizing your marketing and sales.

Focus Your Message

The first way to make revenue growth predictable is to focus your message. 

Hang out in any sales training long enough and you will hear Theodore Roosevelt’s famous words: “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” This profound truth is violated by the majority of marketing and sales messages. 

The marketing message of most...

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Three Reasons To Focus On Your Ideal Clients During Challenging Times

darrell amy Mar 07, 2022

When times get tough, it can be tempting to look for revenue anywhere you can find it. As one of my first sales managers used to say, “If they can fog a mirror and sign an order, we’ll take it.”

The reality is that not all revenue is created equal. And, as I say in my own business, “Not all clients are created equally.” There are some clients who provide more value than others. In this current environment, it is more important than ever to focus on "ideal clients."

What is an ideal client? These are clients who need everything you sell. They have value because they are candidates for all of your products and/or services. They have fit because they align with your culture. Ideal clients are especially important when:

You have limited marketing and sales resources.

Unless you are a major company, chances are you have limited sales and marketing resources. If you try to market and sell to everyone, you will end up reaching no one. Understanding your ideal...

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